Summer Trends for Men that are Sure to Make a Style Statement

The feeling when you bid adieu to those cold wintry days and welcome the gleaming rays of the sun is incomprehensible. Of course, few things you are also waving goodbye to are your comfy winter clothes and snug hoodies but don’t worry, trendy clothes are sure to make up for it in more ways than one. So with summer being just around the corner again, here are some fresh styles and trending outfits that are sure to strike a chord with you and up your style game in a desirable way.

Light Wash Denim

Light wash denim

Let’s face it. Denim can never go out of style. For the summers however, rather than going in for the darker wash kind, go in for the light wash ones. You can mix and match these lighter shades with just about any piece of ensemble on top so don’t shy away from anything out of the ordinary.

Plain and Graphic T-shirts

Graphic t shirts

T-shirts and summer go hand in hand. They are your perfect go-to option for a formal or casual occasion so investing in some of these that come with striking colors is a good idea. Go for t-shirts that come in plain colors or those t-shirts with minimal graphics on them. 

Linen Shirts

Linen shirts

Nothing oozes out appeal and comfort more than a linen shirt. Linen is sure to make you feel super comfortable no matter what time or day or night you don it. This is because it is one of the best warm weather fabrics that exist. So if you are near sand and water or are experiencing particularly humid days, ditch the thick cotton attires and opt for linen shirts instead.



Shorts are another summer essential that lends a preppy, playful style to any kind of look. While pastels are a safe bet, you can even look at bringing a little zing to your outfit by going in for shorts with colors. While khaki is a neutral option, black or navy shorts spice up your wardrobe in all the right ways. Team this up with tanks or tees and you are good to go. Make sure you steer clear from overly baggy and long shorts.

Polo T-shirts

Polo shirts

Polo T-shirts are the result of what happens when you blend shirts and tees in a fun way. The trick lies in getting the fit right. Make sure the sleeve seam falls on the edge of the shoulder while the sleeve falls three quarters down the biceps. The body of the polo should be slim enough to create a slim silhouette without making it look like it is too tight for comfort.

The Webbed Belt

The webbed belt

You need to break the monotony of colors that come with your solid color shirt or tee and pair of pants and there is no better way to bring in variation than with a webbed belt. It helps to balance your overall look and adds a certain kind of debt to your entire look. Refrain from matching too many colors together however especially when it comes to matching your belt with your watch strap. Remember, these accessories need to complement your outfit. It shouldn’t be the other way around.

Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers

Although a regular favorite among women, cropped trousers are slowly finding their way to men’s wardrobes too. These trousers end just at the ankles and are a great way to show off those favorite pair of socks you love. Ideal for informal or semi-formal meet-ups and events, cropped trousers can be teamed with your favorite tee or shirt while you flaunt your limited edition pair of sneakers through and through.

Sling Bags

Sling bags

Sling bags are the best way to carry around your belongings in style. The best part about these bags is that they are as stylish as they are practical. It is super cool and versatile and can be paired with any type of ensemble. You can simply sling it in front to keep a watch on your possessions or sling it at the back to keep it out of the way of you having a good time.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes

The boat shoes have gained a timeless appeal for a good reason. After all, they can be worn to business meetings and can slay equally well in a casual setup when paired with a t-shirt and slim fit chinos. When wearing boat shoes, make certain you always go sockless and you are all set to be a trendsetter for all the right reasons.



Whether you are heading out for brunch or have an outdoor summer event you need to attend, don’t forget your sharp looking sunglasses. It is the easiest way to up your style quotient and protect your eyes from the scorching heat of the sun. You can find sunglasses in a variety of styles and colors so make sure you play it up a little bit and pick one that best suits your preference.

The Fitted Short Sleeved Shirt

fitted short sleeved shirt

While polo shirts and tees also come in short sleeves, the overall vibe of the fitted buttoned down shirt sleeve shirt is something else. You can play around with solid colors or go in for checks and prints. Stay away from shirts that come with baggy or boxy sleeves and focus primarily on fitting. Pick a sleeve type that hugs the upper arm, but is not too tight when it does so. Team this with your favorite pair of bottoms and you are sure to rock any event you are heading to.

So here you have it all - a few basic but essential wardrobe must-have this summer. Be sure to stock up on most or all of these ensemble options if you want the perfect balance between comfortable and trendy. Rest assured, you are sure to get heads turning and people swooning for all the right reasons.