Do More With Less

Minimalism: the word we all must have come across during any conversation related to fashion trends that are taking the world by storm. But one often wonders, what exactly is minimalism and how is it revolutionising the way we live, perceive things or dress up now a days. Let’s have a minimal discussion on minimalism which is making millennials go ga-ga over it.

Going by the literal meaning of the word, minimalism refers to the concept where you express yourself using minimal means. It feeds on one thing that’s - simplicity. ‘Less is more’ is definitely a concept from which the entire minimalist movement drives its inspiration, it also emphasizes on the power of focusing on things that really matter in life, rather than wasting our energy on everything. For example, when I talk about the fashion industry in particular it is more about the use of one standard fabric, colour or textual font to convey the most, without competing with many other elements in the design.

Having explained the concept and craze that minimalism has become with everyone, I would also like to connect this buzzword with our lives and like to explain how Minimalism can be the best way to go if one wants to add an extra spark of happiness to one’s life. Since it is a concept which believes in the principles of reuse, re cycle and sustaining in the mere minimum that is available, without paying much attention to the luxury of abundance, one can definitely learn a lot from this.

Millennials come with a unique set of values which focuses on making a huge impact by using the minimal means, so Minimalism fits in with their needs and ideology.  They crave for quality rather than quantity.  But this doesn’t mean that minimalists live on bare minimum, they rather concentrate on what matters. The liberty to choose how so ever one wants to interpret it adds a spark of individuality and freedom to their lives, which again is in sync with all that we desire from our lives.

Hence, Owing to it’s simplistic yet powerful approach to be effective and impactful, minimalism brings a lot of harmony to not just our lifestyle but also our lives. For all the adventure junkies around the world who look for comfort and quality when it comes to clothing and lifestyle, Minimalism allows them to be experimental at their own terms and hence save time and energy to express more, using the less.

Minimalism is not just a trend that one should follow when it comes to design or architecture, it is more like a way of living that is capable of bringing satisfaction and content to our lives.