Breaking Conventions with a Yellow Heart

A Yellow Heart is the need of the hour!

Launched with the birth of mankind, the word cliché has been ruling planet earth. The second truth that followed was practice makes a man perfect and thus we started practicing clichés. Such is the blind following of standard practices that experimenting has taken a back seat. Especially when it comes to fashion, the standard colours rule our wardrobe. But, change is the unchangeable law of nature and we at Baefikre have taken charge of bringing to front the styles that need attention.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, and our imagination running wild around hearts and the colour red, it is time to think out of the box and wear a colour that makes our hearts stand out, literally. Giving all due importance to colours such as blue, pink, orange and others, it’s high time we let our hearts experience love in different colours.

Why are we doing so? You ask. Breaking conventions is the need of the hour and every step counts. The change has begun and with Deepika wearing a yellow heart tee, it is clear that Valentine’s Day can have different dimensions keeping the love intact. Laughing out of her Vogue cover giving the tee all the life it needsa yellow heart is the perfect example of when ghetto meets contemporary

Taking this forward, we at Baefikre present you with a few pointers you need to make a note of. So, here are the reasons you need to buy these stunning and uptown t shirts that give love a new definition.

  1. Not to cliché: Talking about that, the only reason we need to bring a change is that conventional is too boring. 
  2. Your colour knows you: When you have an entire range of colour waiting for your heart, you can select the one that makes it content. Give your heart the colour you think it deserves.
  3. Gives your personality an edge: Being fashionable certainly needs a ton of oomph and these t shirts do exactly what’s needed. It’s all about being interesting in the changing landscape.
  4. Helps you make a statementPropelling creativity and starting a thing is what drives the fashion industry and you sure can be an icon in the territory. The only step you need to take is getting a heart you desire.

Now, the only thing you need to do is find the color that makes you go gaga and add it to your wardrobe. Shop for the amazing collection of t shirts right here, right now.

Here's bringing to you, the much talked about Yellow Heart T-Shirt!

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Cover Image Source: Hindustan Times